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Welcome to Two Door!

If you’re curious what happens in the rickety old brick house with scooters strewn across the yard and six girls shrieking at random times during the day, then look no further! This blog is dedicated to the most loyal fans of the house deemed “Two Door” as a guaranteed outlet for some heart-warming, humor, inspiration, and of course: drama. Also this blog is intended to answer some of the public’s most desperate inquires: Is upstairs or downstairs better? What sort of pranks are going on behind those two doors? Whose alarm is it that goes off for 45 minutes every morning? Who would win in a fight? Is it really that great living with five of your best friends? The little moments documented here will provide a window into the life of this home with all of its creaky boards, spontaneous acapella moments, chicken dinners, dirty dishes, random visitors, and quirky moments. Check out each of the roommates on the About Us page, candids on the Photos page, day-to-day stories on the Blog, and poetry or funny quotes on the Quotes Page. Thanks for following along!

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