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Quarantine Journal #2

Oh hey there… it’s me again

We Heart It

I know I’ve been MIA for a while, my apologies. My intent was to use this space to process, but it has been a minute since I have written. I’m honestly not the strongest blogger, and while this website has been really helpful at times, it also has been hard for me to use as a personal space.

Do you ever feel like that?


Quick Meme

Okay, moving on.

I have some things to share today! Scroll to whatever you would like to read, as I’ve got a lot on my mind!


  1. I really hate when people expect me to want to clean. Oh goodness this drives me absolutely insane. Just because YOU are not content with dust and some dishes in the sink does not mean that I want to deep clean the kitchen???????
  2. Finding a job online is impossible because every single website I go to leads me to another career portal, to another, and another. Then I’m accidentally on 4 listservs that are sending me “warehouse” and “internal medicine assistant” jobs twice a day???
  3. I am FAR AWAY from being well read. Every time I think I am catching up in one genre, I end up being light years behind on another. I’m thiiiis close to either dedicating all my free time between theological literature and contemporary YA fiction. There is no in-between at this point okay.
  4. I am interested in learning how to animate or draw, but I’m incredibly insecure of how long it will take me to get good. This probably is rooted in some childhood fear of never being good enough or not making the volleyball team. Who knows, but maybe I will attempt it in secret a few more times.
  5. I’m an introvert???? My happiest moment of quarantine was when my roommates went home for Easter weekend and I ended up watching all three seasons of Stranger Things alone in my bedroom all weekend. AND I LOVED IT. Are you an introvert??? Plz lmk.


Are you feeling empty? Drained? Annoyed at roommates? Annoyed at yourself????

There is only one answer:


Memes are the holy grail of the internet. They will help you tune it all out. They’re like free pick-me-ups!!!! You can spiral and get lost in them for hours, or even just one can absolutely transform your day. For the sake of public health, I have compiled a short list of some of my favorite Instagram meme accounts.

  1. @okayenneagram
  2. @ugamemes
  3. @mytherapistsays
  4. @middleclassfancy
  5. @insta.single
@mytherapistsays on Instagram


I recently went on a run (I know, shocker). But when I did that, I noticed the incessant notifications I got from my C25K app asking for my location “at all times” instead of “while using the app”. This made me really nervous, since lately I have been studying privacy issues on apps, but I didn’t know there was a distinction between apps tracking me ALWAYS, and tracking me to do their job on the app.

SoooOoOoOOOoOOOo, not to scare you, but here’s a list of how to see which apps are always tracking your location on the iPhone! Turn those suckers off baby!

  1. Open the Settings app and tap “Privacy”.
  2. Tap “Location Services”.
  3. The next screen will show EVERY SINGLE APP that can request access to your location data. Tap again and you can also see whether you’ve granted that access and, if so, whether the app can access your location at all times or only when you’re using it.
  4. Remove every app that is unnecessarily using your location!!! This is a quick and easy fix to taking back a piece of your privacy at a time!!!

That’s all for now! Tune in tomorrow!!

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