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Quarantine Journal #1

Since you haven’t had enough change in your lives already, and you’ve got plenty of time on your hands to come to terms with this, I am thrilled to announce that I have decided to shift the direction of my blog.


Throughout quarantine I have had a lot of time to reflect on what I want my mantra to be as a writer, an individual, and a college student. Previously I have mainly used my blog for entertainment, casual purposes such as my roommates, my eating habits, and various attempts at humor. But this season of stillness and being forced out of routine has taught me a lot about how I should try to combine my desire to entertain with a platform to inform about, educate, and discuss more serious topics as well.


It really was just quarantine that made me shift my blog topics…right?

Anyways. Because of my mass exposure to digital media throughout quarantine, I have become hyper aware of toxic trends on social media, privacy issues, and the effects of obsessive screen-time on people. Because this information is applicable to my blog audience, I want to move forward in attempting to entertain my readers, but also having a space to educate and inform them on serious issues across the Internet that our age group may be susceptible to. The blogging style I will begin implementing will be broken up by an educational/informative section, entertaining section, creative section, and personal coping tips or strategies that I have been implementing or want to practice.

I would love to hear my readers’ feedback on this style, any suggestions on topics you want to hear about, and your opinions towards how digital media should be approached in this time. Or not! No pressure if you’re sick of human interaction.


A topic I want to highlight before I conclude this blog post is data privacy during quarantine. I recently came across this article on CNET with a line in it that alarmed me at first.

“A review of policy changes around the world shows that data protection agencies are prioritizing lives over privacy”.

Alfred Ng – CNET

Many companies are shifting policies in crisis mode, but more commonly to economically benefit their employees or their customers. If anything, it feels like everyone is shifting towards being more open with consumers in an effort to gain their loyalty during this pandemic. However, the idea that massive data protection agencies are quietly and quickly opening up data collection to COV-19 research does call for some alarm in my opinion. Yes, everything in this specific time frame needs to be geared towards stopping the pandemic, but to what measures is our data being freed up for the greater good? How is that being regulated? These are legitimate concerns about questions we may never have answers for!

Does this bother you? Do you want to read more? What actions do you think should be taken to inform the public on what’s happening behind closed doors with their data, or in the case of a pandemic with a million things going on, is ignorance bliss?

Please read the following article, and leave comments below with any questions or opinions! Would love to hear from you guys, and be looking for bi-weekly postings from me during the quarantine season!

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