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Hypertext or Hyperventilate?

Check out my updated hypertext here!

When we first started this hypertext project I was super excited. This was so hard for me, but it seemed simple and I didn’t need to stress myself out over it. Then I came to class and saw: EVERYONE’S AMAZING PROJECTS.

So me, with my five page hyperlink project about a ~squirrel~


I was externally okay, but internally on the lines of something more like this:

This is me (obviously)

The most significant things I learned from this project are as basic as it gets: how to insert photos as a hyperlink, how to adjust what my photo looks like, and how to get each page to tie to each other. But most of all I am learning the humble reality of how much more I have to learn. There is so much to learn with CSS and HTML, even with basic stuff such as background colors and placing multiple links on my pages. I want to keep learning about what it takes to engage readers through digital stories. The most important thing for me to take away is constantly refreshing what I know, because it is so easy to learn how to code something and then forget.

Specifically for my project I want to move forward with transitioning from a linear narrative to multiple stories within my hyperlink. I’m thinking of approaching it more on the lines of multiple lighthearted problems within my house, instead of the squirrel infestation. I would like to create a story that uses colors, photographs, and humor to engage my reader and allow them to explore multiple perspectives of a story

I plan to set up a thirty minute time period each day where I refresh the basics of coding, so that it won’t take me three hundred years to do one assignment, and so that I will be able to work with space to be creative instead of “getting it done”. I’m excited to continue on coding, hopefully soon I will look like this!

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