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In college communities, there are two main types of cooks: those who survive, and those who thrive. In Two Door, the divide is less of a 50/50 ratio and more of an everyone versus Leita sorta vibe. As shown above, Hannah and Caro eat foods with green in it (which by default means healthy) and its a shame to say that Leita hasn’t bought something green in months. From avocado toast, to seasoned guacamole, to a shipload of broccoli, it is evident that the majority of the tenants in Two Door put thoughts of healthy living into their cooking styles. Caro and Hannah are two examples of roommates who want to gain nutrition and energy from their food palates, so they take the time to prep and execute a meal plan. However, Leita is a different story. In the photograph above, Leita is pictured with three pieces of buttered toast and a cup of cream with a hint of coffee. This food screams convenience. Rather than taking the time to add layers to her meal or find a way to make what she has healthy, Leita sticks food in the microwave and grabs a cup of coffee to hold off the inevitable hunger pangs. Granted, these girls are all college students and the reputation of most college kids is that they are balling on a budget, but the difference between Leita and her roommates is that they spend what little money they have on healthy additives, while Leita spends what little money she has on eating out at fast food chains or gas station hot dogs. However, this is not how it has to be forever. Who knows, maybe Leita’s roommates will show her how easy it is to make quick, healthy choices, and then Leita will become a skinny legend. Leave comments below of encouragement for the roommates, cooking ideas, or which roommate you are in this scenario! Thanks for reading!

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